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               “APOCOLLAGE” a collage (110cm x 80cm) by Adrian Kenyon

Initially inspired by an engraving by Albrecht Dürer, my collage represents a modern day version of The Apocalypse, which can be read in chapters 13 and 14 of St. John’s book of Revelations.

This is my first attempt at doing collage and so not only did I learn on a rather steep curve, I also learned a lot about obstinacy! I didn’t count the time involved but I estimate at least 4OO hours. I have hidden numerous details and a few jokes throughout the work: the collage is made up of around 600 small photographs, the main part coming from National Geographic magazines! Initially these photos served as models for an oil painting I did beforehand on the same subject. Please look at my website http://adrian.kenyon.free.fr  (page “Apocalypse” for details)

The small group of people worshipping The Seven Headed Beast are, from left to right, Queen Beatrix of Holland (always present at “Bilderberg” conferences, which I will refer to later: go to www.bilderberg.org); the ex-CEO of Enron, doing a fraudulent deal with his accountant, Anderson; Ronald McDonald; fanatical Zionists and Americans; myself; Lord chief justice Woolf (complete with wig, dress, stockings and high-heels); Joe Public; and finally, the biggest beast worshipper of all, Pope John Paul II.

In and amongst the rubbish, you can find G.W.Bush’s American Express card; a cigarette-smoking skeleton; bullshit (the main ingredient in “freedom fries”, overflowing from the U.S.Army’s wheelbarrow); and over 100 logos from the biggest multinational corporations (always present at “Bilderberg” conferences).
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